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Rules are Simple and Straight Forward!

Refill Stations agree...

not to change the logo in any way (location can be adapt based on country, region, or city);

that "A Message in a Bottle" is a non-profit Initiative and sales of the bottles is for funding the refill station and promoting the project;

to open a refilling station that provides clean filtered water to ANY "A Message in a Bottle" participant, even if the bottle is of another sponsor;

to be listed as a refill station on "A Message in a Bottle" Map and eventually on a cell phone APP;

to recruit more "A Message in a Bottle" Refilling Stations in order to successfully grow the program therefore making it more useful to participants;

to fight against disposable plastic bottles;

to consider water for drinking a human right and not a product for sale; and

to respect the established minimum and maximum price for the bottle.



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